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TROCKO has its beginnings in 2001, manufacturing all terrain accessory and roof racks baskets por SUV´s an 4x4 vehicles looking for the advantage to the maximum of the load space and its versatility.  Trocko introduces the universal roof rack basket line in the year of 2002. In 2003, Trocko had 2 different roof rack basket models in a single size.  Nowadays, we count on more than 12 kinds of roof rack combining sizes and different models with application to more than 50 vehicles.

Trocko Compay is at the vanguard in development, manufacture and distribution of all terrain accessories. Trocko is snpecialized in roof racks.  It has been developed one of the biggest lines of roof racks with accessories in the market.  With this, we included most of the existing vehicles, obtaining that the consumer gets a product almost designed specifically for his vehicle.

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In Trocko, we considered the roof rack basket as more as a functional accessory, that´s were developed roof racks with designs that are integrated to the lines of present vehicles.  We counted with the biggest line of 4x4 roof racks baskets and all of them are made for work, rude use and in addition, it improves the appearance of the vehicle.